Sunday, August 23, 2015

Home Made Energy Bar

In my plight to ensure that my husband eats as much nutritious food as possible, I decided to try making a nutritious, all organic energy bar. This would be for him to bring along on his long bike rides on Saturday mornings.

It wasn't too difficult at all. I had all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry. All you need is a food processor or a high speed blender. I used my trusty Vitamix blender to do the job. Think a food processor would have been easier. Check out the recipe at Healthy No Bake Snack Bar Recipe.

All laid out ready for the fridge
After a few hours in the fridge. Cut into bars.
Packed and ready to go
Verdict: Gino loves the taste! Thank goodness! And he found that it was a good source of fuel for his ride. No after taste and easy to swallow unlike the commercial bars. That's success enough for me :)
Looks like this will be a weekly affair.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Of Stress, Static-ness, Screens and Such

Now that's what I call good posture
I find myself repeating this line to my patients daily so I thought I'd pen it down.
I spend time getting to know my patients by asking open ended questions and listening
without distraction. From this I learn about their lifestyles.

It is important to me so that I can figure out what is happening in their day that might be
perpetuating their pain. Our bodies are very good at repairing itself if we nourish it well
physically and mentally. Good sleep, nutrition, mental state and physical activity are key
to us being able to heal ourselves.

I find that my patients with back and neck pain more often than not fit the profile where
there exists the 3 S in their lifestyle. They are Stress, Static-ness, Screens.

1. Stress

I have become aware that we are living more and more in a state of stress in the past decade.
I don't think we know just how big the impact of stress is on our bodies. It affects so many things!
It affects the quality of our sleep, our posture, our state of mind, our eating habits, just naming
a few. This in turn goes on to affect other aspects of our lives. One of which is the natural healing
process that our bodies are very capable of.

2. Static-ness

We are truly made to move! And optimally every 15-30 minutes!
So it is needless to say what could happen when most of us sit at our desks 8-12 hours a day.

I always use the analogy of marathon running. The duration that the average working adult
sits in a day is equal to running 1-2 marathons a day..5 days a week..330 days a year! You
would expect someone who does that to get a sports injury yes?

So why are we surprised when we develop so many problems from sitting?

3. Screens

We are in the era where the smart phones, tablets, notebooks, IPads, laptops and Kindles dominate our day. And this extends to very young children. There is no doubt that neck and back pain will
rise in incidence from any age. It's not just the stillness that causes it. But also the posture of looking down to read the screen. Poor posture coupled with static-ness is a recipe for pain. It may not be immediate. It may come back to bite you ten years down the road.

The key to preventing pain is to take breaks. Move!
Even if it means just standing up and sitting back down. It only takes a second.
Exercise helps too. It takes longer to fatigue into a poor posture when we are fitter.

Start by being aware of the 3 points above. And the rest is up to you :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Physio Solutions 8th Anniversary

It's been 8 years since I started Physio Solutions. I did not do it alone. I had my family beside me. My husband, my sisters, my parents and my aunt. They are my angels.

My dream at that point was to make life a little easier for my patients. It still is.

I think we've made it this far because our focus always remained the same. Our patients.

Thank you Gino for the flowers :)

Another gift from him was for us to run together. Something we've not done for many months! This due to my fall while running during my pregnancy last year.

Never thought I'd be so happy to hear his constant reminders not to land on my right heel, relax my foot and lean forward ;)

Looking forward to beeing back seeing patients in a month! Happy 8th year Physio Solutions.

From Aden, Dean and Gino

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fitness/ Activity Trackers ST 020515

You may have seen a activity/ fitness tracker on your friend's wrist. Or spot someone on the train or bus wearing it.

Today's Straits Times reported that Singaporeans have been buying an average of 3200 units a month between September 2014 and February 2015. Almost 19,000 units sold in that six month period!

Wondering which model to buy? Gino wrote about activity/ fitness trackers earlier this year in our other blog.

The article is in page B5 in the Home section. Go take a look.

Monday, April 20, 2015

2 Years After Gino's Horrific Accident

My 3 boys
We remember this day 2 years ago when Gino was in an accident. Yes, it has been a long 2 years. 

A truck took him down when he was cycling.He suffered skull and spinal fractures.

It is in our past. But we remember this day purely to see how much we've grown as a couple, as a family and as individuals. 

Borrowing the words of a wise friend, "Healing isn't a bed of roses, it isn't a fluffy fairytale. It is tiring, gruesome and painful." So true! We are very grateful that all has healed well. 

The positives that have come out of this experience are many. Firstly, Gino is back riding his bike.
Secondly, we have become lots more aware of what we eat as a family and how nutrient dense food is like medicine to the body. Thirdly, we saw how our families and friends rallied around us. Lastly, we learnt tremendously as physios in the rehab of an individual with spine and skull fractures.

Oh yes! And our precious gift of a second son early this year.

We are grateful everyday for our lives, our health and each other.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Coffee Good For The Heart ST 040315 -You Saw It Here First

In case you're wondering about the coffee article in today's Straits Times on page A6 under "Top of the news", we've written about the benefits a few days earlier. You definitely saw it here first.

Here's our post