Thursday, January 10, 2019

I'm Sorry To Announce That PS Is Closing .....

.... for only the next few weeks.

Gotcha! You thought we were pulling down our shutters for good?

Nah. The last time we did some work at Physio Solutions was back in 2012. We've been at this location for almost twelve years. It's high time we do some sprucing up to serve you better.

We just got confirmation today that we can start work next week. We will be closed for the next couple of weeks at least. Just in case there are delays (hopefully not) we'll start seeing patients here again after Chinese New Year on 7/2/19. All patients will be seen at Sports Solutions for the time being.

If we do happen to finish earlier, you'll be the first to know!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Our Turn At Arches And Legs

After the Abdomen, Chest and Breath course the last time Rachel and I are doing Arches and Legs this time round for the past three days.

The content in this course is not totally new to us as the three amigos (Reggie, Tingjun and Gino) have shared with us previously when they went through the same course in February this year.

Generation X? Not me says Rachel
We definitely picked up some new perspectives after going through the course ourselves and rest assured that we'll spend time refining our techniques after the three amigos go through the Tensegrity Spine course next Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Kickbacks Involving MRI/ X-ray Companies

After yesterday's post on kickbacks in our healthcare system, there is another article in the Forum page of today's Straits Times on page A17. Looks like the diagnostic imaging (MRI/ X-ray companies) have been in on the act too.

The writer wrote in to say that it involves diagnostic facilities (MRI/ X-ray companies) allowing referring doctors to collect full MRI/ X-ray fees first before the patients go for the imaging. These doctors are then billed by the MRI/ X-ray companies minus the discounts (or kickbacks).

The writer goes on to add that such practices are very established and widespread as diagnostic companies pay doctors to ensure a steady rate of referrals.

"To counter the competitive advantage of the first mover of such promotional schemed, other diagnostic facilities will start to offer even more generous incentives."

Gino just mentioned to me that way back in 2009, our clinics were were offered such deals to refer patients for x-rays. He said he just told them no thanks as he thinks that a good clinical assessment will suffice most of the time. If he suspects anything sinister he will then suggest a scan. The patient can then choose if they want to proceed at their own facility.

Now you know why when you go to a chiropractor they will always ask you to take X-rays or even MRI's.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Paying Kickbacks In Our Healthcare System

Latest news on the front page of the Sunday Times today revealed that three local hospitals have contracts with foreign agents referring patients from overseas. And this is just the public hospitals. What about the private hospitals?

What was shocking was that the agents received 8 percent of the patient's hospital bill, excluding doctors' fees. If a foreign patient's fees comes up to a hundred thousand dollars, that means the foreign agent who referred the patient pockets $8000. Very profitable indeed.
Today online on 040618
Our health care system has already been rocked by similar unethical news earlier in June this year, when there was an article in the Today online paper regarding Physiotherapists in private practices paying kickbacks to get patients. Subsequently, all physiotherapists received a circular from the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) reminding us not to engage in such behavior.

Back in 2016, doctors were not allowed by the Singapore Medical Council  to pay fees to third party administrators as fees were inflated. In fact Fullerton Healthcare's IPO plans went up in smoke after Singapore regulators received many letters outlining concerns regarding their business model of receiving third party administrator fees as the main driver of their revenue. Guess which clinics are owned by Fullerton Healthcare?

It is precisely behavior like this that leads to increases in health insurance fees and our Medisave-approved Integrated shield plans.

There have been rumors about physiotherapists in private practices paying doctors to get patients all along. Include doctors to the list too. Let's hope there is no more unethical behavior regarding healthcare professionals after this.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Physio Solutions is Eleven!

Rachel early for the course
Physio Solutions turns 11 today! And to cap it off, the brainchild of the clinic Aized (along with Rachel) went on course today til Wednesday to make her skills even better.

What did they do? After the doing the basic Anatomy Trains course, followed by the Arches and legs and Fans of the hip, this is the next in line. Abdomen, chest and breath.

We share what we've learnt of course and we'll do so after this is over on Wednesday.

Again, we thank all our patients who have always been supportive and for referring to us their family members, relatives and friends. We definitely couldn't have come this far without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will continue to improve ourselves and make our patients better quicker.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Steroid Abuse A Growing Problem? We've Written About It

Straits Times devoted a whole page of this in today's Sunday Times (130518). It's a trend observed by us in a post written last July 2017.

The article is on page A29 of the Sunday Times today.

If if want to be ahead, just read our blogs.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Rachel's Turn With Tom Myers

After Reggie and Gino had their session with Tom Myers, it was Rachel's turn the past 2 days. She attended the workshop on "resilience: Taking the strain and coming back stronger."

She mentioned (from Tom of course) that up to 650 kg of ground reaction forces goes through our ankles. It is the (plantar) fascia (in the foot)that takes and communicates the load and information through the leg. It works even faster than the nervous system to pass this information.

No wonder so many of our patients have plantar fasciitis. Looking forward to picking her brains.