Monday, June 18, 2018

Physio Solutions is Eleven!

Rachel early for the course
Physio Solutions turns 11 today! And to cap it off, the brainchild of the clinic Aized (along with Rachel) went on course today til Wednesday to make her skills even better.

What did they do? After the doing the basic Anatomy Trains course, followed by the Arches and legs and Fans of the hip, this is the next in line. Abdomen, chest and breath.

We share what we've learnt of course and we'll do so after this is over on Wednesday.

Again, we thank all our patients who have always been supportive and for referring to us their family members, relatives and friends. We definitely couldn't have come this far without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will continue to improve ourselves and make our patients better quicker.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Steroid Abuse A Growing Problem? We've Written About It

Straits Times devoted a whole page of this in today's Sunday Times (130518). It's a trend observed by us in a post written last July 2017.

The article is on page A29 of the Sunday Times today.

If if want to be ahead, just read our blogs.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Rachel's Turn With Tom Myers

After Reggie and Gino had their session with Tom Myers, it was Rachel's turn the past 2 days. She attended the workshop on "resilience: Taking the strain and coming back stronger."

She mentioned (from Tom of course) that up to 650 kg of ground reaction forces goes through our ankles. It is the (plantar) fascia (in the foot)that takes and communicates the load and information through the leg. It works even faster than the nervous system to pass this information.

No wonder so many of our patients have plantar fasciitis. Looking forward to picking her brains.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Fans Of The Hip, Fans Of Learning

It's the the turn of the 3 amigos again this time since Rachel and I went previously to the Anatomy Trains course. Yes, we take turns to go for courses so we get better at treating you. We always want to be better physiotherapists. That makes us fans of lifelong learning.

I took a peak at Gino's notes. Here's how you may get sciatica resulting from your piriformis muscle and not from a prolapsed disc even though your MRI scan suggest so.

I'm looking forward to picking their brains through our own sharing session soon. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Beware If You Run With Fitness Apps

I never ever run with my phone nor my watch nowadays. Definitely not an activity tracker. It is usually a 3-4 km jaunt (longer if I'm lucky), quick as I can for it keeps me sane.

Now it makes me glad that I never use any apps like MapMyRun, RunKeeper or Strava especially. Strava got itself into the news for all the wrong reasons this week.

Strava was first popular with cyclists, now it's also embraced by runners. It can be connected to devices like Fitbit. It is like Facebook for athletes where you can track your distances covered and share photos. You can see the popular cycling routes of other cyclists, follow your friends's running routes. You need to share your location data to get the most out of it. That's where there is your privacy trade-off.

By publishing its "heat maps" which showed it's users' routes, Strava allowed a college going kid from Australia to figure out military bases locations all over the world. Including sensitive areas in the volatile Syria, Afghanistan and other middle east regions. The worse bit was that names and heart rates of the users could be figured out as well.

Other than national security issues, it should also be a reminder to users that data collected by fitness apps reveal a lot about you and where you move around. All that data doesn't always remain on your phone.

If you use any fitness trackers and any mapping apps and plan to continue using it, make sure you learn how to protect yourself and your data as much as you can. My suggestion is not to post your workout maps on social media. It will be easy to tell if you run the same route over and over again, especially if you start and finish at your home.

Maybe a little paranoia from a mum and female runner, but better to be safe than sorry.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Change In Weather Makes Your Bones/ Joints Hurt?

Picture by Poh Yu Khing

Last post of the year. Do your bones or joints hurt when the weather is cold? Can your bones/ joints "sense" that rain is coming? Have a read in our other blog.

Happy New Year in advance. Have a great 2018!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sharing What We've Learnt

Team huddle 
After Rachel and I did the Anatomy Trains course just under 2 weeks ago, Reggie, Ting Jun and Gino had their arches and legs course just after us.

To consolidate what we've learnt, we set aside time and spent this morning reviewing what we've done. It was very helpful to bounce ideas/ observations and suggestions of we've seen with patients so far.

Yes, we spend lots of time refining our techniques so we can get our patients better quicker. We don't take short cuts or use treatment techniques that don't get results.
Ride (to) Port Dickson
We even came up with our own mnemonic for remembering a certain technique.

Just trying our best to become better physios.