Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Pairs Of Oakleys

Guess what, first he got 3 pairs of Nikes, now he's got 3 pairs of Oakley sunglasses. Yes, you read right he got 3 new pairs of sunglasses from Oakley today.

Gino got a pair of the Radarlock Path 30 Years Sport Special Edition. Oakley is celebrating three decades of making sports performance sunglasses. This special Heritage Collection brings back 3 favourite vintage designs with colours from the era that started this for a limited time. The top edge of his Radarlock frame has a printed stripe reminiscent from Oakley's original eyewear collection 30 years ago.

Well, Gino Has been wearing Oakley sunglasses since he was sixteen.

Top edge with a difference
He also received a pair of Frogskins and the Chainlink. All the names may sound strange to you, but the sunnies are anything but strange.

Frogskins and  Chainlink
Looks like I have to "borrow" at least one of them permanently.... wonder what he's gonna get next.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thanks Tini And Congrats To Physio Solutions

How lucky I am to have something that makes goodbye so hard. - Thomas Meeha

For those who you who couldn't come today, well we had a blast. Gino as usual got things started with his pep talk to the team.
Look who's talking
Actually, there were 2 reasons for today's gathering. First, we bid a fond farewell to Tini, who leaves us to look after her kids. We'll definitely miss her around our clinics. A big thank you to Tini for being a part of our team. So sorry you'll be leaving. All the best to you and please stay in touch.

Physio Solutions is turning 7!! Yes, that milestone will happen in less than 2 weeks. A big thank you to all our staff at both clinics. We had brunch after that as you can see below.
The team
Those of you who couldn't come, make sure you do next time.

Last chance to strangle him.....

Sunday, May 18, 2014

ST 180514 Today's Sunday Times Article

Gino was quoted in today's Sunday Times on page 17 under the Home section for his views on the Vibram Five Fingers lawsuit. He has actually written about it way back in 2012.

He also shown them his version of his minimalist running shoes, a pair of Fei Yue's that his brother bought for $RMB30 (or S$6) as compared to $149-$209 for a pair of Vibrams here in Singapore.

Gino's $6 version of Vibram's
Like what we've always told our patients, it your running technique that is critical, not your shoes. Also have a read here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

You've Come A Long Way Baby!

He ain't heavy, he's my son
Here we are. A year later. Boy am I grateful that Gino has returned to work, got back on the bike (with a helmet now!) and is able to carry our son if he wanted to, among so many other things that we took for granted before the accident.

I'm so curious to see just how his lumbar spine fracture has healed. CT scan this week.

In hindsight, so many good things came out of this that it outweighs the bad.

1. It sure gave Gino a break from work. I definitely would have preferred us to go away on holiday for 6 months but hey! it takes something this serious to force him to take a breather.

2. All that time at home gave our son precious time with his dad. Their relationship has evolved to a whole new level since.

3. It made me read voraciously on how to help Gino heal as best as possible. And this made us change our eating habits and we are still improving it as we learn new things about food.

4. Gino has been a patient before with numerous knee procedures. But never at this level where his spine and his skull were fractured. We may have become the best physiotherapists in recovery after a spinal fracture!

5. We emerged stronger as a family. Getting through a difficult situation almost always does that.

At the end of the day. I am thankful. So very thankful. For health, for family, for good friends.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now You Can Eat Lots Of Chocolate ....

Picture from Flickr
Lots of dark chocolate at least. Here's why, certain bacteria in our stomach ferment cocoa into anti-inflammatory compounds that is good for our heart. It also reduces the long term risk of stroke. Need any more reasons to eat dark chocolate?

That's the latest findings Dr John Finley and his colleagues from Louisiana State University presented at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society.

How can you put these findings to use immediately? Before you go and gorge all the dark chocolate you can get your hands on, the authors suggest that it is important to stick to unsweetened raw cocoa powder. Best way is to mix it in oatmeal or a smoothie. Or make sue your dark chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa to get the most health benefits.

Have a look at the paper from the American Chemical Society

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Introduction To Kinesio Taping 150314

"My hand can tape better than your hand"
Probably due to the school holidays, we had a few people who signed up but could not come to the Introduction to Kinesio Taping course @ Sports Solutions Holland Village. But we still had a few athletes, cyclists, a personal trainer and 2 Physiotherapists amongst those who came for the course today.

Here are some pictures from the course.

Here's Munira doing a muscle test on Sarah
What kind of taping is that for his shirt??
Gently now 
Email us at if you're keen to come to the next Introduction to Kinesio Taping course.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not Your Hamstrings Again?

Photo by Jarrett Truscott from flickr
Hands up all of you who have had a hamstring injury, knows someone who has or have difficulty treating a patient with a hamstring injury (for the physios reading this). Clearly hamstring injuries are very common, very prone to re-injury and incredibly frustrating to treat as well.

Just ask Steven Gerrard, Glen Johnson and his other team mates at Liverpool Football club. Wasn't Fernando Torres plagued by hamstring injuries during his time at Liverpool too?

That glorious night in Istanbul. 
Speaking of Liverpool, the medical staff at the football club published a very fascinating paper (in the British Journal of Sports Medicine) on how they treated one of their player's difficult and recurrent hamstring problem.

Without disclosing any names, this player had hurt his hamstrings (5 times in 5 months), under 23 years old then, from an African/ Caribbean background, previous knee injuries, history of groin problems and poor hamstring to quadriceps strength ration. Yes, the above mentioned factors are risk factors for a hamstring injury.

The Liverpool medical staff came up with the following  treatment plan. First they corrected his functional leg length difference and his pelvis (or hip) - he saw an osteopath based in Germany for his hip.

Through some cortisone injections and nerve stretches, he had his neurodynamics addressed.

Following that they focused on his core muscles, not just any core muscle, specifically transversus abdominis and multifidus. (So if your Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist or trainer etc doesn't teach you how to activate your transversus abdominis and/ or multifidus, you're not training your core). After increasing his eccentric (or lengthening) hamstring strength, he kept his hamstring length supple with Yoga, regular hamstring stretches and low back stretches.

Since early return to running has been shown to reduce subsequent injury risk, he underwent an overload running program of the following 3 days cycle. Day one was speed running, day two aerobic base running and day 3 was off feet conditioning - bike and my favourite of course pool work.

He also had Actovegin (calf blood extract) and Traumeel injections. Cycling fans may remember Lance Armstrong used both Actovegin and Traumeel to aid his recovery. These substances are not illegal.

Well, there you have it, a complete treatment plan for hamstring injuries. You many also want to read this or another earlier post we wrote on hamstring injuries.


Brukner P, Nealon A, Morgan C et al (2013). Recurrent Hamstring Muscle Injury: Applying The Limited Evidence In The Professional Football Setting With a Seven-point Programme. BJSM. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2012-091400.

*Liverpool picture by Kevin Mustong from flickr