Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keep Exercising To Remain Smart

More good news for those of you who are exercising currently. Regular, moderate exercise keeps your brain from deteriorating. You have to keep at it though, if you want to keep reaping its benefits.

Brain researchers have showed that brain power decline can be prevented and possibly even reversed by engaging in regular aerobic exercise. What else was found? Engaging in six months of moderate levels of aerobic activity was sufficient to produce significant improvements in cognitive (or brain) function.

The researchers say that the greatest effects of cognitive decline are usually seen in activities such as task coordination, planning, goal maintenance, working memory, and the ability to switch tasks - a group of activities termed "executive control."

Exercise though, was found to have the ability to positively influence these types of activities and processes. Research has shown that speed and sharpness of thought, can be increased by engaging in regular moderate exercise. The exercise actually seems to increase the amount of brain tissue as well and improve the way in which the brain functions.

What's more? Exercise is not restricted to those without progressive brain diseases - exercise has also led to improvements in the brain function of Alzheimer's disease patients.

What are you waiting for?


Erickson, KI and Kramer AF (2009). Aerobic Exercise Effects on Cognitive and Neural Plasticity in Older Adults. British J of Sp Medicine 43(1) 22-24.

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