Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming Back After Knee Surgery

We have many patients who undergo knee surgery. You can see 2 of our patients tackling the agility ladder and mini hurdles in the first picture. We have a patient who is 1 week post ACL reconstruction on our stationary rehab bike while 2 others going through their rehab on the BOSU ball in the 2nd picture.

We have patients who are 2 days post ACL reconstrution to 6 months post op, while others even had stem cells, articular cartilage transplant operations.

All of them have the surgery so that they are able to return to the sport they love again after injury. After your operation, it's very important to participate in a rehab program that is targeted to your particular sport that you want to get back to. Hence it is important and even crucial to do sports specific rehab (or rehab specific to your sport), and not just general strengthening exercises before you return to your chosen sport safely. Sports specific rehabilitation is what we provide and are very good at at Sports Solutions (which no one else really does at other physiotherapy clinics).

At Physio & Sports Solutions, we can help you from before your op to after the operation to facilitate your return to sport...safely.

We have the facilities and more importantly the expertise to get you to where you want to be. There isn't anyone else whom you'd want as your partner in recovering and returning to sport after your knee surgery. Our own staff too have suffered injuries and have been patients themselves after having  ACL reconstructions, articular cartliage operations etc and understand how you feel exactly.

Our staff will do their utmost to help you. Please come talk to us.

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