Sunday, February 7, 2010

More On Stretching

Here's more news on stretching. In their study, this group of researchers had 2 groups of subjects to compare 6 weeks of active versus static stretching their hamstrings to see which was more effective in getting more range in the hamstrings and whether they could maintain it.
The subjects were randomly divided into 2 groups and the range of motion were measured. 

Here are the results. The researchers found that the group who stretched actively gained 8.7 degree in their hamstrings flexibility as compared to 5.3 degree in the group who did static stretches. 

Here's what's more amazing. The researchers reviewed both groups 1 month after the 6 week stretching period and the group which stretched actively had maintained 6.3 degree while the static group had only 0.1 degree. The active stretching was also more time efficient as compared to the static group as it took less time. 

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Meroni R, Cerri CG et al. (2010). Comparison of Active Stretching Technique and Static Stretching Technique on Hamstring Flexibility. Clinical J of Sp Med. Jan 20(1) : 8-14.

*Picture from Flickr.


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