Friday, October 11, 2013

Green Juice

Sorry Gino, the bigger glass is all mine
Have you had your green juice today? 
I'd like to share what went into our green juice this morning. 
Bok Choy, brocolli, cucumber, 1 lemon, 1 lime and mint leaves.

Can you eat all these raw?
I always feel so satisfied just looking at the amount of greens that I could
consume so easily. If you drink your green juice on a empty stomach, your body 
just absorbs the micro nutrients like a sponge! Just imagine, all your cells getting the
goodness it needs to be healthy just like that!

We have not always been this watchful about our nutritional habits. It went to a whole new level after Gino's accident in April this year.

Incidentally because of his accident we also found out that Gino has osteopenia. This means that he has a lower bone density than a male his age. It is a level better than osteoporosis but hey we were still concerned because Gino had been very active all his life.

After numerous tests to ascertain the cause of lowered bone density, his endocrinologist concluded that his was due to genetics as everything else came back negative.

At first all I wanted was to ensure that Gino got good nutrition to give his body the best chance of healing well. This got me reading and cooking and watching many documentaries on food, sparking an interest in good eating practises. 

I had adopted a gluten and dairy free diet for almost 2 years now. Besides green juice, we eat very little refined and processed food. We make an effort to eat less meat. Gino has stopped drinking Coke and other soft drinks. Caffeine reduces bone density so Coke was the first thing to go! Plus too much sugar can also cause diabetes.

It is work in progress. We take it one meal at a time. In the end it is rewarding to feel better in our bodies and to see our son adopt some of our good eating practises :)

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