Tuesday, February 16, 2016

While Gino Was Out Learning .....

Having fun 
We were enjoying ourselves in the infinity pool. That's right, since Gino insisted on us coming along with him while he attends the Floss band (by Sanctband) "Easy Flossing" course in Ipoh, Malaysia.

What's that again? Floss bands are elastic compression bands made by Sanctband, whose factory is just behind us at the Weil Hotel.

They are also called Voodoo bands and are very popular among people who does Crossfit. But only Santband have 3 different sizes and 4 different grades of resistance.

According to Gino, they can be used to increase mobility in different parts of the body or decrease pain working via fascia and other connective tissue.

From what Gino explains, using the Floss bands to treat fascia is just like using Kinesio tape without having to stick tape on the patients. And it seems to get quicker results.

 I'll leave Gino to explain further in a separate post.

Floss bands by Sanctband

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