Monday, October 1, 2018

Kickbacks Involving MRI/ X-ray Companies

After yesterday's post on kickbacks in our healthcare system, there is another article in the Forum page of today's Straits Times on page A17. Looks like the diagnostic imaging (MRI/ X-ray companies) have been in on the act too.

The writer wrote in to say that it involves diagnostic facilities (MRI/ X-ray companies) allowing referring doctors to collect full MRI/ X-ray fees first before the patients go for the imaging. These doctors are then billed by the MRI/ X-ray companies minus the discounts (or kickbacks).

The writer goes on to add that such practices are very established and widespread as diagnostic companies pay doctors to ensure a steady rate of referrals.

"To counter the competitive advantage of the first mover of such promotional schemed, other diagnostic facilities will start to offer even more generous incentives."

Gino just mentioned to me that way back in 2009, our clinics were were offered such deals to refer patients for x-rays. He said he just told them no thanks as he thinks that a good clinical assessment will suffice most of the time. If he suspects anything sinister he will then suggest a scan. The patient can then choose if they want to proceed at their own facility.

Now you know why when you go to a chiropractor they will always ask you to take X-rays or even MRI's.

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