Thursday, May 9, 2024

When Is An Ideal Time To Exercise?

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Different health professionals were interviewed on when is a good time to be exercising. No surprises, we have already written on this topic before back in 2022. 

I was surprised to read that one of those interviewed commented that more observations and studies are still required to confirm the findings that suggest that we are at our best in the late afternoon or early evening. 

You can search if you like. There are more than sufficient evidence supporting circadian rhythms and physical performances peaking in the late afternoon or early evening. For most people, this is between 4-7 pm. 

Sports fans will know that NBA Finals, Champions League matches etc are all played in the late evenings. Almost all track and field world records are set in the evening as well. 

Evidence may show that the best time of the day to exercise is the late afternoon to early evening. However, that time may not suit everyone. Better to exercise at whatever time suits you best as some exercise is better than no exercise, especially in Singapore when the weather is warm year round.

The article is published in yesterday's Straits Times. Front page of the Life section. Better still, read our blog, you will get updates quicker.


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