Friday, July 3, 2009

Why Women Get It

Yes you did read correctly, women really do get it. Get what you ask, get neck pain that is. Women competing in sports are at a higher risk of getting neck pain compared to men.

Consider the results in a study done to compare gender difference to control the head-neck segment when an external force was applied to it. The women's head's and necks accelerated faster and moved more even though they recruited earlier and greater muscle activity than the men. Also found in the women- poor isometric (keeping the head-neck stationary) strength (49% of men's strength on average). Women also generally have smaller heads and necks and hence, a lesser ability to resist force. Women may be at a higher risk of concussion from sports with greater loads being applied to the head such as football, martial arts of rugby.
Have a look at the video of your neck muscles in action. Please come and see us if you are suffering from neck pain, our staff can help you.


Gender Difference in Head-Neck Segment Dynamic Stabilization during Head Stabilization. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2005 37(2): 272-279

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