Sunday, May 23, 2010

For The 10th Time

10 wins out of 10 attempts. How many of you have taken part in the same event 10 times, and better still won all 10 times you took part. Well, that's what Gino did at the National Vertical Marathon today at the OUB building which at 282 m, is the highest building in Singapore.

He first took part in the National Vertical Marathon in 1998, won 4 straight in a row at the OUB building  (from 1998-2001). There was no event in 2002 (after 9/11, all the buildings were spooked and said no).

He was overseas in 2003 studying for his Masters (and recuperating after having 3 operations on his right knee in August 2002, November 2002 and June 2003). (So, if you wanna make a comeback after your sports injury or operation, who better to ask than him, he's done it before and still doing it. He can definitely help you with your rehab program).

He won again in 2004 (Suntec Towers) and 2005 (Temasek Towers).

In 2006, he was traveling for work (with the national badminton team) and couldn't take part.

From 2007 to 2009 he emerged victorious when the event was held at the Republic Plaza.

And finally win number 10 today back at the building where he started, OUB building.

So is he taking part again next year? Well, we'll ask him this question again next year. We'll let him enjoy his 10th win for now.

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