Sunday, September 25, 2011

US$42 Million To Be Polite And Compassionate

Matthew and Carolyn "Kay" Bucksbaum
Talk about drastic action, when Mr and Mrs Matthew Bucksbaum were treated badly by an arrogant physician, they donated US$42 million to set up an institute to improve doctor-patient relationships.

Matthew and wife Carolyn gave that amount to the University of Chicago to teach their medical students about the importance of building good doctor-patient relationships.

The idea came about after a rude and arrogant physician dismissed Carolyn's intuition about her own ailment. Turned out she was right and he was wrong, and he didn't even apologize.

Later on, she and her husband came under the care of another physician, Dr Mark Sigler at the University of Chicago Medical Center and found him to be humble and compassionate. They felt inspired by the difference a little kindness can make.

"To care for a patient, you have to care about the patient" - words well said by Dr Mark Sigler.

And researchers have shown that a solid relationship between doctors and patients correlate with favorable health outcomes.

Well, at both Physio and Sports Solutions, we do want to have excellent physio-patient relationships. Unlike most other clinics, our first session is a full hour with the patient so we can take the time to be very thorough and find out what is the cause and source of our patients' pain. And I promise you we will always care about you.

* Picture by Bruce Powell/ University of Chicago

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