Saturday, March 9, 2013

3rd Day Of Sports Massage Course

Time for day 3 of the Sports Massage course@ Sports Solutions today. All the participants today came eager to practise and learn more from Marlene.

Nicole taking detailed notes as usual

Gracie right in middle among them all

There were some new areas to cover in the morning and Marlene got the participants to change their regular practice partners so as to get a different feel instead of practising with the same person.

A different feel? Of course. All of us have different body types, play different favourite activities/ sports and hence have different imbalances in our joints, muscles etc. Think of it this way, if you play badminton or tennis regularly and you are right hand dominant, your right arm and thigh will probably be bigger and stronger than your left. Each and everyone of us will have a slightly stronger dominant hand or foot and probably a slightly longer limb on one side too. Most of you will have one foot slightly larger than the other too. As long as the discrepancy is not too large, it's perfectly normal.

Want to learn how to do sports massage for different discrepancies in your muscles for your family, friends or loved ones? Come sign up for the next course in June.

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