Saturday, March 16, 2013

Healthcare In Singapore ST 160313

"Six doctor's appointments of five minutes each are not the same as one appointment of 30 minutes. When doctors are too pressed for time patients suffer. There is no magic shortcut building rapport and the therapeutic relationship".

The above quote caught my eye in today's newspaper (Straits Times 160313), at page A39 under the Opinion column.

Although the article was referring to doctor's appointments, I guess I saw comparisons with Physiotherapy treatment sessions too.

Well at both our clinics, Physio and Sports Solutions, our first consultation is an hour (unlike most if not all other Physiotherapy clinics). During that hour, we will first ask you many questions regarding your condition/ pain. From what you tell us, we will do a thorough assessment to find out what causes your pain and then we will discuss with you what we will do for treatment before treating your problem (and not just treating your pain).

At no time will will leave you on a machine or an assistant. You will have the undivided attention of the physiotherapist treating you.  Hence we can get you better with less sessions rather than seeing you more often over a longer period.

Best of all, we strive to see you at your allocated time so you don't have to wait or take time off work or your other activities.

So please make an appointment and come see us in our clinics.

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