Friday, May 31, 2013

Time Lines

Spot the fracture!
6 weeks of healing since the accident.
2 weeks to taking off the brace.
6 weeks to the next CT scan.
6-8 weeks before paced return to work as a manual physiotherapist.
4.5 months to getting on the bike again.
4.5 months before he can lift weights above 5 pounds.
? months till he runs again.

We get lots of time lines whenever we visit the doc.
It can really get you down if you let it.

In the doctor's office you'll hear Gino saying, " Ok Dr Wang, the million dollar question is ..."
These are the questions that are very important to him.

I liked the response from his doctor today to one of those important questions.
"Gino there's only one you!"

And that I agree!
There are all these numbers but WE are all unique.

If there's someone who can push all the timelines it's Gino.
And I'll be there to reign him in ;)

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RunningBaker said...

Oh wow!! Praying for him:-) ...boon