Saturday, May 4, 2013

What happens in 2 weeks

This is the Xray image of Gino's spine 2 weeks after the accident. Now we monitor the fracture at the first lumbar spine bone (the squashed looking one right in the middle) every few weeks to ensure that it remains stable. His Xray films show that the fracture has not worsened.

The most critical period of bone healing is in the first 2 weeks. Inflammation and revascularization occurs in this time. Inflammation accompanies every injury. It is the way the body brings all the good stuff to the injured site to help with repair.

We should be in the callus formation stage at this point. This will continue for the next 4 to 10 weeks in the healing process before the bone remodelling phase begins.

There must now be a good balance of rest and weight bearing for good bone healing to occur. Gino's waiting impatiently to get hydrotherapy started. It's a no go from the neurosurgeon for now. Let's see how the Xray looks in end May.

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