Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running Indoors In Krabi

We're in Krabi and I got my first run done :) I get a lot of support from Gino to train so I consider myself a lucky mum. As I run, a million thoughts race through my brain. The first one being, "Whoa! This is hard!". I glance at myself sideways in the mirror to check my form, second thought, "Man it's tough running when you're 7kg heavier! That's about my son's current weight!"

Knowing pain-free running techniques help because as I got more tired, my stride length increased and this in turn increased my effort. So Gino's cues for pain free running kicked in, "small steps, show them your heels, elbows back" kept me from dying.

Completing a 30 minute run on the treadmill which used to be easy is a big job for me now. My comfortable running speed has dropped by more than1km/hr. I begin to count the days to the Nike City 10K. Do I have enough time to train for this? I'm constantly telling myself "C'mon Aized, c'mon Aized".

It's an experience returning to running after having a baby. It's not easy during the run but heck it feels great after! 30 minutes apart from Dean made me love him that bit more too :)

If you want to learn pain-free running techniques, join Gino for a run on Thursdays 630pm from his clinic at 108 Amoy Street.

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