Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the Beach In the Rain

Today, I took my run outdoors despite the drizzle, for a change of scene ( actually some guy was on the only treadmill in the resort). It was liberating to run without those big red numbers depicting my time and distance, in front of me. I had the beach all to myself.

Rain in my face, music in my ears, it was good to be outdoors! Krabi has beautiful islands within close proximity. The outlines of which remind me of Ha Long bay in Hanoi. Dean and I spotted a rainbow this morning at breakfast after it had rained all night. This place is beautiful.

Swimming in the sea could be hazardous though judging from the number of jellyfish washed up on the beach.

One technique of pain-free running that I could practice well today was "showing the person behind you your heels" because of the sand. It made it easier to slide my feet to bend my knees behind me as I ran. Running on sand is more difficult so keeping my steps small was crucial.

Gino snapped a photo of me after my run. Thanks Gino for taking care of Dean while I ran :)

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