Saturday, October 9, 2010

Training Session #6: Going The Distance

Finally! We did a run together again! We were proud of ourselves because we managed to run almost 8 km today :) We knew that we wanted to do a longer run this time since the race is approaching. And we did!

It was not easy though. Had to stop at times but it was not for very long. Just to catch our breath. No matter how hard it feels, I always feel happy when we get to do a run together.

We share a lot of what's happening in our lives and Marlene shared her Aha! moment with me :) I'm always grateful that I have a great friend who had a baby at the same time because we keep each other sane.

We're planning the race day in our heads. Not the race itself. But the preparation of leaving our babies with our hubbies ;) Times have changed! It's our first race as mamas!

This race is a start. Marlene is already planning to return to marathons next year. As for me, maybe a half :)

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