Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Training Session #7: We've Come This Far

Why are our runs getting more difficult as the weeks pass? I thought that the more we train the easier it gets?!
I reckon there are two reasons. One, we have been increasing our distance. Two, we train an average of once a week!

We try our best where training is concerned despite our hectic schedule of working part time and taking care of our babies full time. So Marlene and I always give each other a pat on the back for coming this far :)

The photo this week is of Mia after our run. Exhausted from our 7km run! We're grateful she's happy, most times, to accompany us for our runs :)

We've also collected our race packs last week. Ooooh! Which means the race is soon! We're out to enjoy ourselves as much as we can.

I'm a little concerned about my foot. It's been hurting since our runs hit more than 6km. Gino's going to have to work his magic with the Kinesio Tape. It worked during my last run to dull the pain.

Hey! So all in all we're as ready as we can possibly get!

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