Saturday, April 27, 2013

1 week on..

It's been a week since the accident and Gino is home and on the mend. We have been Kinesio taping since day 1 of the accident.

This is how the his Kinesio taping looks like on day 7. It has evolved over the days dependent on where Gino feels pain and where we think that it would be useful to improve fluid flow. All this to help the body with the healing process.

I am grateful that we knew how best to help the body right after an accident. He received treatment on his neck as soon as we were certain that there were no fractures in the neck and thoracic spine.

I worked on the neck bones as well as Kinesio taped all the muscles that were hurting. The muscles around Gino's neck had worked really hard to protect him during and after the impact.

Whiplash injuries are well known to worsen days after the actual accident. As Gino had received physio treatment from the evening of his accident, his neck pain disappeared on day 4 which made him able to lift his head off the pillow without any discomfort.

Now for the hardest part of this healing process for Gino...resting for the next 7 weeks!

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