Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This is what happened to Gino

I am writing this post so that all cyclists become aware that the chain latch of a truck's tailgate may pose a hazard when it is left unlatched.

Photo courtesy of Gino Ng
Gino managed to take the above photo after the accident on Saturday 20 April 2013. The truck driver would not have stopped if not for a motorcyclist who went after the truck to inform the driver that he had taken a cyclist down. Sadly the truck driver maintained that it was not his fault.

Gino had almost come to a stop waiting for this truck to turn. When it turned the chain latch swung and hooked onto Gino's bike's handlebars which sent Gino flying.

As a result, he has a depressed fracture in his left skull which is impacting his brain. Fortunately, despite this, there is no brain bleed or swelling. There is a mild chance of epilepsy (fits) but fixing the skull fracture does not reduce the chances of epilepsy. We decided with the neurosurgeon not to operate.

Gino also sustained a fracture of his lumbar spine from the fall as he landed on the road in a hyperflexed position. It fractured three quarters of the way through from the front not disturbing the spinal cord. No surgery for this fracture too. He has been fitted with a brace that does not allow bending forward at the level of fracture. He needs to wear the brace for 6 weeks.

He is currently recuperating at home, keeping walking, sitting and standing to a minimum for at least a couple of weeks.

It would be best in terms of healing if he returns to work only after 2 to 3 months due to the nature of a physiotherapist's job. 

The photo below is how the chain latch should have been done up when a truck is moving. Cyclists please be vigilant.

Photo courtesy of Jason Kirshman.webs.com


Anonymous said...

Aized, you did an amazing job writing this. Very objective and informative, considering how it could have become personal and/or blame-laying. Compliments to you, and thanks, I'm sharing it on FB.
layhoon k

Aized Noor said...

Thank you Lay Hoon x

Reza karim said...

Hey Kak, im sad to hear what happened yet releived to read hes on his path to recovery. Thankfully it was not worse and hopefully his accident and ur note will make everyone more aware and perhaps avoid something more serious in the future. Please send my best regards and well wishes to Gino. Tell him Spurs will fight for him for the rest of the season. Lots of love, hugs, kisses and smiles from my end.

Lilin said...

Echo Lay Hoon. And I'm sure you have your hands full at home, at work and being the glue for all. Hang in there and thank goodness Gino is well and alive!!