Saturday, July 13, 2013

1st Day Of Sports Massage Course 130713

Today's the first day of our Sports Massage / Human Anatomy course at Sports Solutions. Our participants showed up on time and eager to start.

We have among us two trained engineers, sports trainers from a medical clinic, pilates instructors, a reflexologist and a domestic helper to name some of the participants.

Participants all ears
Having taught many previous Sports Massage courses since 2004, Aized started the ball rolling with teaching the participants human anatomy. She used anatomical models, charts, pictures and stories from previous participants to impart her knowledge and explain concepts to the participants.
This is how you count your fingers
After breaking for lunch, it was Marlene's turn with the practical. After showing the participants how to drape each other (to preserve their modesty) it was time to practise. Most of the participants said it looked really easy, but it was a different story once they got started.

And this is how you choke him
Lily comparing her elbow with Marlene
Eve stressed while listening to Marlene
All hands on deck
 More pictures here

Stayed tuned for more updates as we go on to day 2 tomorrow.

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