Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marlene's Kung Fu Moves

Thank you for coming back to read our updates on our Sports Massage course. Today marks the second day of our Sports Massage course. Being a Sunday, we had a slightly later start to allow our participants to sleep in a little. Please read on if you want to find out about Marlene's kung fu moves.

First up this morning was Aized teaching human anatomy with her teaching the participants about gluteus minimus, vastus intermedius and piriformis etc. Fortunately, they did not get their tongues twisted.

Now hold your horses
Hey, if you're interested in the paleo diet........
After learning more new muscle names and other anatomical terms, Aized ended the morning giving some hints for the theory exam next week.

After lunch, Marlene explained how a plane took off along with some kung fu moves thrown in......

When you take Swiss Air...........
First you claw 
Then you punch
Killing him softly with her song
Well, not quite the kung fu moves you would imagine. Marlene is actually demonstrating a technique to help Wesley's tight iliopsoas (hip flexors) in the last picture

Stayed tuned for next week's course update.

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