Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 3 Of Sports Solutions Sports Massage Course

The participants came back today for day 3 of the Sports Massage course. They had a bit of revision on what they covered last week before Marlene showed them some new techniques.

After lunch, Marlene showed the participants how to use a trigger ball, stretch their patients, reciprocal inhibition and also some nerve stretches. You definitely don't learn all these in other Sports Massage courses!
"I'm good" Marlene tells the class
Even Gino got in the act, showing variations of how the nerve stretches can be done. This is the ulnar nerve stretch shown below.

Now, don't choke her....
Be careful where you go
Boon Wei already practising behind Marlene
To make him fall, I will start here
Louise waiting to show her TRX moves
The participants have their written and practical exams tomorrow. Come back to our blog and find out more. For more pictures see


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