Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moderate Exercise It Shall Be

Me and the little one
During my pregnancy, riding on the stationary bike was my regular exercise after a minor fall while running. Riding on the bike in a forward leaning position also helped to get my baby into a good position for birthing. I used that time to visualize the birth that I wanted as I was planning for a home birth.

I last exercised a week before I delivered my son. Fast forward 6 weeks and here I am back on it now with my son in tow, this time in a stroller. Way more convenient when he was in my belly!
He started crying once we were in the clinic and Gino had to bring him for a walk to pacify him while I got started on the bike.

It sure felt good to be exercising again, doing something just for myself. I'm now 5 kg heavier than pre pregnancy, sleep deprived and my fitness has deteriorated. That's how quickly you can lose your conditioning. I am determined to be fit at 40 with 2 young ones!

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kelvin chan said...

Congratulations! We knew you'd back riding furiously to the moon :) pretty soon you'll be running uphill, no question about that. No age better than 40 to accomplish All things great!
- K & Arin