Saturday, July 6, 2013

Playing Football At 11 Weeks After His Accident

Goal bound

Not so fast....
This is Gino. At exactly 11 weeks after his accident where he fractured his skull and lumbar spine. He's playing football with the kids at Botanic Gardens. How's that for recovery?

I had to yell at him to stop running when he tried to run after the ball. My heart skipped a beat each time he broke into a run, but at the same time I was really happy to see the progress he's made.

When I asked him why he ran, he said, "no pain what".  Well, that's Gino for you, always willing to push his timelines limits. Try telling him something cannot be done and he'll try to prove you wrong.

By the way, Dean and his cousins were just as, if not more competitive, at wanting to win.

Let's see how his CT scan looks in 2 weeks.

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