Saturday, September 18, 2010

Training session #3

We're proud of ourselves that we've met up once a week to run together for the past 3 weeks! Today we ran for an hour at least. The longest duration so far. This time we brought only Mia along with us. Dean had to stay home with Gino. This so that we don't get a repeat of our training session last week :)

I was glad that I had put in 2 runs this week prior to this so that I could keep up with Marlene. She's a strong runner. It was enjoyable because it gave us the time to catch up on what's happened during the week while we ran. Mia was happy to be cruising along, pointing at things that interest her and waving her royal wave at us.

I'm grateful for a running buddy who's also a good friend because it makes running so much more enjoyable :) Marlene has really gotten good with running behind a stroller. She'd going to whiz past runners during the race when she's running without it.

We got in such a good run this week that we forgot to take a photo during the run. So here's a photo of Mia and I at the end of it. This is the spot where we wait for a cab to take Marlene and Mia home. Till next week.

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Munch bunch said...

so nice! I also want to run with you!!!