Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training Session #4: Running Solo

My running buddy, Marlene, was sick this week :( so I went at it alone this time. It was a good run nonetheless. Always see our president on his walk when I go for my runs along the East Coast.

It was a good, short run. 30 minutes. No foot pain, practiced the pain free running techniques well. Remembered to keep my stride length small especially every time I felt tired.

Note to self: need to put in more fast paced music into Gino's MP3 player. He runs to such slow music! For me I need fast, pumping music to make me run faster.

Hoping that Marlene feels better soon. I missed her!


1 comment:

ols said...

hello aized...
i've discovered whats really good music to run to.
you know...those hip hop boybands...-__-''
oh and La Roux is good too. :D