Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Nike City 10K: We did it!

We achieved our goal of completing our first race since pregnancy happened last year :)
It was the least prepared we had ever been for a race but we did decent time in my opinion.

We were grateful that the haze cleared dramatically on the night before the race. The weather was good and the race was very well organized. I must say that it's one of the best organized races I've participated in.

My only gripe was that I took so long with my toilet break because the runners were running between the portable loos and the queues for the loos! This made it really difficult to get in and out the loo without colliding into someone. Come on guys! Be considerate in a race..everyone's out to do their best!

My foot hurt from the 2km mark but I ran on, thinking about getting home to my son. It was a great first race for Marlene and I. Here's to more races to come :)
The 3 mamas: Denise with 3 children and Marlene and I with our firsts
Kinesio Taped up for the Run

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Munch bunch said...

aiyo... boobs and bellies all for show!!! lots more runs to go girls!!! for me at least!!!