Saturday, December 11, 2010

Run Mama Run!

My running buddy is in Switzerland for the next 4 weeks. She is affectionately known as my favorite task master when it comes to running :) I was so happy to receive a text from her on Friday night checking to see if I had run, she had gone for a run in freezing weather, -10 degrees!

Yes Marlene! I did run :) Although no other mums joined me for the run, I had a great time. Running alone can be very therapeutic. It's me and my music and the cool sea breeze.

When I started my run, I felt fortunate to live near the sea. I love running by the beach. I notice the trees with the beautifully bright pink flowers that caught Dean's attention when we were there cheering on the marathoners last Sunday.

There was a group of elderlies doing tai chi. One lady stood out because she was holding onto her daughter for support as she was trying to do the moves. She lost her balance and burst into laughter which made me smile :) it reminded me to laugh at myself more often, and not take myself too seriously all the time.

I'm entertaining thoughts to do the Sundown next May. Not ran that race before. Ginny's signed up so maybe Marlene and I could join her ;) lets see!

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